Wildwheat Bakery Cafe & Restaurant

Welcome to Wild Wheat Bakery Cafe & Restaurant

We’re an Artisan Restaurant.  We make everything here fresh daily, from scratch in a Renaissance way.  We roast our own coffee and make our own Cold Smoked Locks.  We make our own Corned Beef Pastrami.  We make every baked product at Wild Wheat Bakery!  We have won many best breakfast awards around the Puget Sound.

From our Customers:
“The sidewalk is like a European Cafe.  It’s very laid back.  Very casual.  And the
food is absolutely delicious.

We’re just a true artisan restaurant.  We like to be creative and make great stuff while   maintaining a friendly and relaxed environment for people to come and enjoy themselves.

* Bread and Pastries Baked Daily
* Extensive Lunch Menu
* Hand Crafted Desserts

Come enjoy Wild Wheat Bakery Cafe & Restaurant.
Please find our menus on the left hand navigation bar to your left!

Thank you!

The Team at Wild Wheat Bakery Cafe and Restaurant